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Take your maps to a new reality


What is?

Map VR Engine is a SDK created for developing Virtual and Augmented Reality Mobile Applications.

The virtual reality has been used in maps frequently, actually see a real map on a virtual environment is a kind of augmented-virtual reality because you can interact with an actual world created by a computer.

The big improvement of Map VR Engine library is that this library works on mobile devices. 

Although the  experience is improving day to day currently the VR glasses is:

  • Expensive.
    • The devices and computer are very expensive
  • Uncomfortable
    • A lot of cables
    • Big and expensive computers
  • Platform captive
    • You must use only the software developed for your platform
  • Not portable
    • You can’t use you VR station wherever, because you must transport your device, your computer and eventually all the sensors

How Virtual Map VR Engine solves these problems:

  • Cheap.
    • It’s used with mobile devices, you could use the same devices that you use for everything, your mobile device is used as a camera, telephone, agenda, calendar and of course… virtual reality device.
    • The mobile manufactures are describing new specifications for using mobile phone as virtual reality devices so the experience is improving and currently we have a very good experience with the mobile phones.
  • Comfortable
    • No cables
    • Long Battery use
    • Fast
    • Smoother glasses
  • Platform independent.
    • As we are using the mobile devices, Map VR Engine works on iOS, Android and Web, so never mind you must think on what devices need to buy thinking on a VR Experience.
  • Hyperportable
    • It’s a mobile phone  : )


Add GIS capabilities to your virtual reality application.

With Map VR you can use:

  • High Resolution Imagery
  • Tile maps
  • DTM
  • Point clouds
  • 3D Models
  • Any kind of data
  • Online/Offline datasets

You can build  your map apps easily with this library and automatically you’ll have your mapping virtual reality experience. Never mind about the data, you can import your business dataset or you can connect to your favourites data repositories (ESRI, CartoDB, Mapbox).

Use more popular development tools as Android Studio, Eclipse or Xcode .


We are able to build solutions for the following industries:

  • Aerospace:
    • Civil aviation.
      • Moving maps
      • Simulation
      • Air control
    • Military aviation
      • Simulation
      • Portable Air Control
    • Recreative
      • Learning
      • AR devices
  • Militar
    • Combat management systems
    • AR on Glasses/Helmets
  • Planning
    • Urban Planning
  • Emergencies
    • Control on real time your emergencies resources.
    • Use a portable VR solution on emergency areas.
    • Use offline datasets.
  • Video Games
    • VR Games on actual environments.
  • Tourism
    • Virtual guides
    • Virtual visits
    • Fly to…
  • Sports
    • Every sports that you can follow with a map view,  you are able to follow the participants in sports as:
      • Cycling
      • Yachting
      • Car rallies
      • Marathons, Ultra marathons

Available for:


Who is using it:

AirFi Maps – Google. Moving maps experience:

  +  + 

AirFi and Brownie Tech are developing the next generation of moving maps for civil aircrafts. Some airlines are interested on this new way to see the maps and it’s going to be in production in 2017. Moreover this maps we’re developing together with Google ( They bring the data and the support ) building a moving map virtual reality solution on the plane.

Google Daydream is the perfect device and platform for this.

Stay tuned for the updates of this project, it’s going to be big!

Guia Repsol VR pilot:

Guia Repsol is a veteran Spanish tourism guide that is renewing for the future. With the Guía Repsol VR, the users could visit all resources recovered on the paper, web and mobile guide on their virtual reality mobile devices.

Telefonica Open Future VR Challenge

Brownie Tech has won the Telefonica Open Future VR Challenge solving the requirements of NH Hoteles company. During next months Brownie Tech  will be on Telefonica Open Future workspace trying to improve our library and customers solutions.

Our proposal was about give 3D VR maps for mobile apps of  Hotel company.

More information about this challenge:

Press & Blogs:

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Glob3 seleccionada por @nhhotelses en el #VRChallenge ¡Felicidades! Y muchas gracias a todos los participantes ¡Grandes proyectos e ideas!

— Telefónica OF_ (@OpenFuture_) 2 de diciembre de 2016



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